Hi, I'm Ajani Brannum.


I'm currently renovating my website. In the meantime, you can watch some of my recent work on Vimeo; sign up for my monthly newsletter, Talent Agency; book a divination and/or creative consulting session with me; or follow me on Instagram. For all other inquiries, please email me at brannum (dot) barryaj (at) gmail (dot) com.

(Pictured is An Image of Thought, 2022. Description: In this digital photograph, a spiral-bound notebook rests on a mirrored surface. The notebook fills most of the frame. It is opened to a page which reads:


"Something to ponder: I think of my work in relation to institutional critique, 'social practice,' and other approaches that somehow 'dematerialize the artwork,' make discourse (of a particular sort) the object of contemplation, etc. But I mean it literally, "I think of my work in relation to" - as if my work is standing in a loose cluster with those forms [question mark] at a party and it's nervous, maybe, or just not great at small talk and doesn't quite know how to converse with the others. - (What did Deleuze say about metaphors? All metaphors are sullied words, or else make them so. I had to Google that." Below this text is an arrow pointing up to it, along with a comment: "THIS could exist as a piece called 'An Image of Thought.'"


The exposed surface of the mirror reflects some of Ajani's body, the ceiling of their room, and part of one wall.)

An Image of Thought.JPG