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Who knows what you call it (2017)

choreographed and performed by Barry Brannum
music and lyrics from The Light in the Piazza (2005) by Adam Guettel
additional text by Barry Brannum

"I've reached the point in my life where there's something very specific I want to say as a person, as [myself], and also as an artist.... And so here comes along this role, which actually intersects with my personal spiritual philosophy, and I'm actually able as this character to say what I want to say! The only downside of this character is the tremendous toll it takes on me emotionally. My heart breaks every time. It's given my heart a real workout." —Victoria Clark, who won a Tony for her role as Margaret Johnson in The Light in the Piazza

This is a dance out of place. Drawing from the score of Adam Guettel's 2005 musical The Light in the Piazza, it tries to retrieve deep sentiments and drag them to the surface to share with an audience. It is a moment to work through feelings and attachments that are too big or messy either to come from, or belong to, a single person.

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